About Us

Philosophy with a Hammer is based in Baltimore, Maryland and is the furniture design practice of artist/ maker Christian Donnelly. This creative endeavor merges his years of technical experience as a traditional furniture craftsman with a creative background in contemporary sculpture.  

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Refunds and Exchanges

As a craftsman should, my goal is to provide well made, well designed product and that’s what you should get. Therefore, I stand behind my furniture and the workmanship involved. I hope to exceed your expectations and warranty my work if it does not. This policy is as follows:

Generally I guarantee my products for a period of 1 year in terms of craftsmanship related problems. I will repair or replace items during this period, but the buyer is responsible for shipping expenses.


This warranty does not include cracking/splitting, warping, cupping, bowing or wood movement and /or environmental issues. I do everything in my power to select the best wood available and try to cut out defects or lesser quality boards. However, wood sometimes had a mind of its own and moves naturally, Issues that occur due to wood movement are beyond my control.

Color & Grain variations

Wood is a natural material with natural variations. Refunds are not available for wood color, tone, knots or naturally occurring inclusions. I try my best to match the color(s) in my listing but it is impossible to match a listing photo exactly. Wood grain is natural and unique. You should expect your piece to vary in color and tone to any and all listing photos.


Refunds are not available for custom order items. The customer will be involved in every step of the design process, 3d renderings with appropriate textures will be provided to ensure that you know what you are getting. If there is something you would like addressed after receiving your piece, I will work with you to address any issues you may have. Normal wear and tear is not covered under this warranty. In unlikely event damage is sustained by the carrier during transit, I will work with the carrier to submit a claim for the damage incurred which I will pass on to you. If a repair is deemed necessary, I will repair it at no cost. Buyer is responsible for any and all shipping related charges.

Additional Policies

Made to order

As a small shop Items are made to order rather than kept in stock. This means that lead times vary which is why they are sometimes a bit long. The benefit of this is that it is very easy to customize your order. As long as the material quantities aren't drastically different, this does not increase the price. In the case that there is a big difference, Ill let you know the price difference before you need to make any commitments.

Lead Times

Assuming all is well and normal I try to keep my lead times around 3 weeks. In reality, the operation is pretty much me and occasionally a helper. Life happens, things come up, and sometimes these lead times get all kinds of crazy. With this in mind, and with a few exceptions, I do not guarantee a completion date or delivery deadline. I will however try my best to give good estimates and keep you up to speed on where things are with your project. While this might seem lame, my priority is that you get a quality product and sometimes this means taking a little bit (or in some cases a lot) longer than was planned.


With regard to materials not specific to the aesthetic design, I reserve the right to make material changes as I see best for quality or availability. An example would be using an industrial enamel instead of powder coating for finish. The color choice would still be what you ordered the coating would just be different.

Customized Orders

This means you have selected an existing design from my shop and have requested different dimensions, wood, or finish options. These orders are usually pretty straight forward and aren't much different than ordering an existing listing. If the cost increases for the item a custom listing will be published for the transaction. If there is no price change, however, I might ask for the customer to just use the normal listing and add requested dimensions on a note along with order.


If you have a retail space and would like to carry my product i do offer wholesale pricing. If you are interested, please contact me to discuss terms.